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Web Hosting
Once your Website is designed you will need a Web Hosting Internet company like Early-Designs, LLC  to host and serve your Web site pages and a Website Address to market your Website. A Web host allows you to "Webcast" your information worldwide 24-7. With Early-Designs, LLC as your web host, your Website will have a web server, a fast Internet connection and valuable added services, the 3 essential web hosting elements, to help you do business over the Internet.


Hosting Business Web Sites  $35 Per Month (50MB) (12mo @ $350)
  Hosting Personal Web Sites $25 Per Month (10MB) (12mo @ $250)




E-mail POP3 Accounts
E-mail Forwards
E-mail Aliases
E-mail Auto Responders
WebMail Web Based E-mail Client
Mailing Lists
FTP Services
24/7 FTP access

Database Connectivity
MySQL Database
Scripting / Programming
Pre-Installed "CGI scripts"
Chat Support
PHP 4.0
FrontPage Support
Password Protected Directories


Web Site Maintenance

Once you have your web site, the next task is maintenance. A web site should never be stagnate. The internet is a new media, it is live and interactive. To keep customers coming back to visit your site, it should be kept updated with new information.


Research shows that visitors are more likely to return to your Website if it is changed periodically. But Website Maintenance is no easy task.

You have (or had) a site, but you find it's not meeting up to your expectations? There are a variety of reasons as to why this occurs. Primary of which is insufficient or ineffective web site design or promotion. Depending on the activity of your site and type of trade/services, it's recommended to update your site at least every year.  At Early-Designs, LLC,  we make it easy to Update and Maintain your website from minor changes to major, weekly, monthly or yearly. 


Maintaining Business Web Sites $50 Per Hour (1hr/mo/12mo @ $500)
Maintaining Personal Web Sites $30 Per Hour (1hr/mo/12mo @ $300)

Contact Early-Designs, LLC to discuss how we can help your current site get a new look, and re-launch it!