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Always keep in mind that MARKETING is the most important part of your Internet advertising investment. You can have a great looking site, but if no one can find it, it is worthless. Now more than ever you will hear your prospects call and ask for your web address. Many prospects will take the time to research your company; it's products and services before picking up the phone.  We will get you the traffic you need to sell your product. 

Promotion is an essential aspect of a successful web site. Companies can have a great web site, but without professional promotion the world will never know. We help your site rank higher and gather more targeted web traffic. Whether you are a small company or an international organization, you must use professional web promotion. Having good search results on the major search engines and directories is crucial.
Advertising your site is accomplished by registering with various search engines such as "YAHOO". There are hundreds of search engines available. Registering is a time consuming task but a very important one which must be done.


Some of the main search engines are:

Infoseek · AltaVista · Webcrawler · Excite · Google · HotBot
Lycos · Yahoo · EuroSeek · MSN · Netscape · AOL NetFind


Once your site is running smoothly, make sure the world knows about it. Traditional marketing will involve any current methods you use to advertise your business. Put your URL on everything you do: ads, brochures, letterhead, business cards, and other materials. Where possible, offer an incentive in your advertising to check out your site - a free download, contest, or some other interactive lure. 


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Promote your website with WEB CARDS!

The most inexpensive and effective way to promote your business.

For a few hundred dollars, we will produce 2000 full color postcards to promote your site. Simply provide us with a layout 4 ¼ inches high by 5 ½ inches wide, then send it as a JPEG (.jpg), 300DPI with your payment (call for pricing)  of $299.95 and we will provide you with 2000 full color postcards within 3 business days.

If you're not a designer, we’ll design it for you. The cost is only $75.00!!



Printed Postcards: 2,000 Only $299.95
Price includes:
4 color process on one side with black on the other side.
2 hours of design time to create your postcard.*
Use of our bulk mailing permit** inkjetting of addresses, presort and
delivery to the post office.

*All ready have a digital file? Call for price reduction
** Ensure you will receive the lowest possible postage.
[Postage is not included in price]